Sunday Market

New Sunday Market Downtown

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Sundays 11am – 2pm

Local farmers and artists to be featured


Dayton, Ohio July 19th, 2011- Local food and local economies are big news today. Locally-grown food uses less energy in shipping and processing than food available in a standard ‘big box’ grocery store, plus the money spent on local food supports the local economy. Many consumers are more comfortable purchasing food from local farmers and being able to talk with them about how their food is grown.

Before this year, there was no farmer’s market anywhere in the Dayton area on Sundays. On Memorial Day, Garden Station, a grassroots community garden/art park/gathering space, decided to change that and launched the Garden Station Sunday Market (GSSM). “Garden Station uses sustainable, intensive gardening and building methods and was started by an artist collective,” says Lisa Helm, Garden Station’s Project Manager. “Hosting a market showcasing local farmers and local artists is a natural progression for us.”  GSSM is a local grower and artisan market, which means all produce is fresh from the soil of Montgomery and the surrounding counties. Because GSSM does not permit resellers, customers can develop relationships with a network of local farmers who raised the produce or the artisan who handcrafted an item. According to Helm, “Our goal is twofold – to meet demand for an opportunity to buy local on Sundays and to give smaller producers a more affordable opportunity than some of the larger markets. Many small operations find it too expensive or time consuming to participate in larger markets. We hope to make it easier for them and for Dayton residents who want to support them.”

Applications are still being accepted for this season, which has been extended through the first frost. Due to the unusually rainy spring, many farmers are 6-8 weeks behind this season and are just now able to offer a continuous harvest and anticipating a bounty of fall crops. Applications can be downloaded at Garden Station’s new website at

New visitors to Garden Station will find there’s a lot more than just the market to see, including 600′ of murals, sculptures, a greenhouse made of pop bottles, and a straw bale shed with a glass bottle wall and green roof.  Currently volunteers are working on a new mosaic arch entryway and a stage.

Garden Station is on the NE corner of 4th Street and Wayne Avenue in downtown Dayton, a block from the Oregon District. The Sunday Market will run from 11am – 3pm, weekly this season. For more information about volunteering at Garden Station and other events there, please visit or email


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