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Join us for Harvestfest and Garden Station Family Picnic

Garden Station Family Picnic – Saturday, August 20 at 2 PM – 9 PM

Harvestfest – Sunday, October 2 at 12 PM – 6 PM

Hello Friends of Garden Station:
Garden Station is looking great as spring has arrived, our new hoop house has been producing all winter already and we anticipate a bountiful growing season ahead! We hope you will join us for EarthFest, just around the corner, on April 23rd. Thousands of you have invested dollars and many, many hours of hard work and creativity over the last 8 years, to make Garden Station the amazing community space that it is today. That is why it hurts my heart to have to let you know that we found out last Tuesday morning that our lease has not been renewed but we have been given a temporary Right of Entry. The property was conveyed to the developer at Wednesday’s City Commission meeting. The City has also graciously offered to help us find a new location and to help relocate anything that is movable to that new location.

Thursday night, fifteen members of our core team met to discuss our options. We have also requested a meeting with the developer to discuss their plans for the property. When they visited over a year ago, the developer mentioned ways they might improve Garden Station with new fencing, green walls or light art. Since they are now the new owners, we are reaching out to them to verify what our options are in this location.

Garden Station has been a perfect location for urban farming, community gardening, educational workshops, and local events such as EarthFest, as well as a needed green space for downtown residents to walk their dogs, stage a wedding, gather as a community, or just enjoy some time in the sunshine. As we brainstorm what the future will hold, please let us know your ideas. If this is the end of Garden Station on 4th Street, do you know of a property that would be a suitable replacement? What would you like to see in a new location? And what would you be willing to contribute in time or talent? There will never be another space quite like Garden Station, but we can continue some of our community work in a different venue if we must.

We will wait to propose our next steps until we better understand the developer’s intent, but will continue to explore all alternate options.
Thank you for your support in helping to make Dayton “Urban Green.”
And, don’t forget EarthFest is April 23rd. We hope to see you there!

lisa helm
volunteer garden station manager

What is Garden Station?

Garden Station is an art park and community garden in downtown Dayton that features murals, sculpture, community garden plots, concerts, bonfires, drum circles, festivals, markets, movies and more!

Regular events include the Really Really Free Market, live music on the first Friday of each month, volunteer work day on Saturdays where you can help us on projects and the Garden Station Sunday Market which features  local art and produce.

There have been all kinds of events here, weddings, electronic music DJ’s, Shakespeare in the park, garden and art workshops, art and music festivals and non-profit organization fund raisers. Rental of Garden Station helps us to grow!

We have a permaculture and creative reuse emphasis and have built a straw bale shed with a bottle wall on a pounded tire foundation with a green roof, and a greenhouse made of two liter pop bottles. There are community garden plots that members of the community can rent for the season. Garden Station is built and cared for with community volunteers and donations. We are not a city park or a MetroPark but our own non-profit organization of community volunteers.


Established in 2008

The property at 4th and Wayne was previously owned by the railroad and used as a storage yard before the city of Dayton purchased it. By the time we started Garden Station it had been vacant for over 50 years and had become a homeless camp and dumping ground. A local artist collective made an agreement with the city to occupy the space and turn it into a community garden and art park in June 2008. Lisa Helm and Lily Whitehead were volunteer co-project leaders and focused on cleaning the space up by cutting down honeysuckle, picking up trash, killing poison ivy and got water installed that first summer. Lily started her own studio at the end of the season so Lisa became the sole Project Manager with Ed Jackson joining as the primary volunteer caretaker of the property. 2009 we added a straw bale shed and had electric installed. 2010 we added a pop bottle greenhouse and started construction of a new arch entry way. Garden Station is built entirely with the efforts of volunteers and donations. Please contact us to help!



Lisa Helm – Founder/Executive Director, Project Manager
David Kenworthy – Art Director
Jeff Opt – Music Director
Barb Kuhns – Community Garden Manager
Amelia O”Dowd – Sunday Market Representative
Carolyn Pacleb – Treasurer
Ed Jackson, and EJ Kenworthy – volunteers extraordinare



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